Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting Your Head Straight and Loading the Wagon

I was recently a presenter for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers in Scottsdale Arizona. It was a beautiful place at the Kierland Westin Resort. I was asked to present twice, with one of the presentations during lunchtime for some of the key leaders in the organization. The audience was mostly made up of men who travel internationally and bring high level management skills to their organizations. I always collect little tidbits of information during events like this and this event was no different.

At the end of the presentation and after the group that gathered around me disappated, a nice man handed me a piece of paper and gave me a smile. He proceded to tell me that he felt my message was smack on target for their industry and for the challenges they faced as managers.

"Don't worry about the mule going blind, just load the wagon" was written on the piece of paper. From my presentation he knew I understood this idea and believed that I would like it. I do and I believe you will too.

This well educated gentleman has read many business books, has very knowledgeable mentors and this statement guides him almost daily has he moves his business forward. This is a tidbit worth sharing as I hear from many of you that you don't want to get distracted by the economy, performance issues, and some uncertainty in your future. Stay in the Smart Zone and concentrate on loading the wagon. I hope you find this helpful and thanks to the man with the smile.

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  1. Interesting posting. I will be curious to see how many people that you have to explain the quote to. Focusing on the task at hand and making the next "best choice" is always good. However, sometimes, thinking a few moves ahead is warranted. Alot of people have lost many a chess game by solely looking at the next move. Watch Searching for Bobby Fischer, specifically the end. "It's there. Just 12 moves ahead. Don't move it till you see it." Josh offers his foe a draw, and the foe counters "look at the board" and Josh counters "I have. You've lost, you just don't know it yet".